Canceled Flight or Event?
Say no to credit.
Get your money back

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Follow 3 easy steps

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Answer 10 questions
Find out if you are eligible to apply in 5 minutes.
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Submit your case
Your information is compiled and submitted to the bank.
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Get your money back
If successful, you will receive the refund directly to your debit/credit card in approx 3-5 weeks.

No risk for you.
It's only $20, tips are optional.

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You could be eligible

The purchase was made within the last 9 months.
The purchase was made with a debit or credit card.
Your card was issued by one of New Zealand’s banks.

Our mission

We believe that no one should ever have money taken from them and then returned as a “credit” - that’s just a very poor form of money with an expiry date!

Instead, we want to give you complete and total control over your money.

Join Refund Club today and let's take back what is ours.

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Copyright Refund Club, Inc. 2020.

Copyright Refund Club, Inc. 2020.